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Raised voice against Roskomnadzor actions

Yandex called the massive blocking of IP addresses by Roskomnadzor «an attack on the Russian internet itself». The company does not consider the situation normal and requires clarification from Roskomnadzor.
Vkontakte director Andrey Rogozov accused Roskomnadzor of not understanding the principles of the Internet
Qiwi: everything except Telegram suffers from the actions of Roskomnadzor. The activity of the supervisory authority now resembles a bull in a china shop: everyone is affected by these blockings except Telegram
Telegram CEO Pavel Durov: in their war against progress, Russia’s supervisory authorities are ready to block millions of cloud hosting IP addresses without taking into account the losses of other projects
head of the FAS Igor Artemiev: this very story, its course causes great damage. I hope that when this goal is achieved, everything will not be swept away at all around a mighty hurricane. We are not China, which closed
ROCIT director Sergey Grebennikov: on specific examples it is clear that because of Roscomnadzor’s actions, Internet business suffered, users who incurred financial losses including
Qrator Labs: millions of websites suffered from Telegram blockage
• politician Alexey Navalny: they <Roskomnadzor> in one month caused more damage to the Internet than others in other countries would have cause in years
Artemy Lebedev: how Roskomnadzor bans Telegram is an amazing performance of moronitude and unprofessionalism
• photographer and journalist Ilya Varlamov: Roskomnadzor is now running with a club over the Internet and thundering everything in its path
the mayor of Yekaterinburg Yevgeny Roizman: it is resembling me how the Neanderthals with cudgels hunt to catch in the field of a sparrow
• tech reviewer Wylsacom: Roskomnadzor, it seems to me that you have signed in your professional incompetence for this time
• ex-Minister of Finance Alexey Kudrin: the blocking of Telegram has entailed heavy consequences, this step complicates the further digitalization of the Russian economy. It is immediately evident that the initiators of these steps did not realize all the consequences. They needed to think more seriously whether these measures of result would be achieved
Oleg Bunin, HighLoad++ and RIT++ conferences organizer: the entire conference organization infrastructure was destroyed. Except for Telegram, of course. Roskomnadzor even in the eyes of the exile — all of God’s dew, they are not at work
«Fontanka» newspaper paid Durov’s debts. Now nothing should distract him from the battle with Roskomnadzor
• director of bicycle rental service «Velogorod» Vitaly Blajenov: unpleasant that Roskomnadzor fighting with windmills came after us and other companies
ITMO university rector Vladimir Vasilyev: because of the Roskomnadzor University will not be able to comply with the order of President. Mass blocking of IP addresses started by Roscomnadzor in attempts to block the Telegram messenger caused a number of problems for scientists and teachers
Science Council of Ministry of Education and Science of the Russian Federation: due to Roskomnadzor locks “full scientific work” is threatened
council of Scientists society considers absolutely inadmissible practice of carpet locks at any cost, without taking into account the completely predictable negative consequences. Because of the non-professional actions of Roskomnadzor, Russian scientists were deprived of access to the specialized network of scientific contacts ResearchGate, to the archives of scientific journals of the largest publishing house Wiley, to the central repository of Java libraries, the site of the journal Science, the Google search system and to a number of other network services constantly used in the research work
Skyeng managing partner Alex Laryanovsky: for them the main thing is to report to the authorities that they did everything, and they do not care at all about the others. Last night, our loss was about two million rubles CEO Dmitry Navosha: I’m so fed up with them, man. Yesterday RKN banned a font <..> A font! I’m not kidding. And also now it’s not funny.
TJournal editor-in-chief Nikita Likhachev: the Russian Internet is broken. We have to do something. It is not under the money-back guarantee — we will have to cope with the destructive activity of Roskomnadzor or do something
LETA Capital managing partner Alex Chachava: Roskomnadzor made a “wild amount of mistakes” when locking Telegram, the business got damaged
Russian Internet ombudsman Dmitry Marinichev: after such a catastrophic action there is no other choice but to immediately disband the hell out of the RKN
• LDPR leader Vladimir Zhirinovsky: it is inadmissible to stop the whole life in the country because of the Telegram, turn down the Internet, and create problems to millions of citizens
• robots shop NanoJam founder and CEO Alex Schavikin: <can describe Roskomnadzor by their actions as> amateurs. This is a shooting from a cannon on sparrows
• businessman Alex Vikharev is suing Roskomnadzor for 66 thousands euro because of losses incurred as a result of blockings

Indirectly raised voice against Roskomnadzor actions

head of “Odnoklassniki” Anton Fedchin: interruptions in the work of important online services are beginning to affect not only the Internet, but the entire Russian economy. We oppose any restrictions on the Internet and call all parties for dialogue
Mail.Ru Group: we are for free Internet and do not want to provide cloud capacities for any restrictions on the Internet
the Press Secretary for the President of Russia Dmitry Peskov: the work on the blocking of Telegram messenger should not to interfere with other services
RAEC director Sergey Plugotarenko: in a short time we got a very unpleasant picture: the interests of RAEC members are affected / the principles of connectivity of the network and services are violated / infrastructural, service and communication services are disrupted and cease to function as whole segments